March 2012

Fast Food Nation: 10 Years Later

It may not have changed the world, but it definitely changed my own life for the better
The Daily Beast invited Eric Schlosser to write an essay about what the last 10 years have brought since his mega-hit Fast Food Nation hit the shelves. Unsurprisingly, Schlosser observes that very little has changed at the federal regulatory level. If anything, legislation has been passed that has made it easier for companies like McDonalds to do the wrong thing.
But on the public front, things have changed substantially. Schlosser has never been one to avoid a chance to toot his own horn, and it's true that it's impossible to say how much of the rise of the organic "eat local" and slow food movements have been due to his book. But I think we can safely say that Fast Food Nation had a huge impact for the better on the lives of many people.

Health Book Club Review: Making the Cut

There's something about Jillian Michaels that has Americans ready and willing to believe in everything she says and in her latest book, "Making the Cut: The 30 Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You" she helps provide yet another example of how every day people can improve their health. The book has received outstanding reviews from a range of different organizations, all pointing to the benefits it offers in a simple, realistic format.