February 2012

Health Book Review – The Seven Pillars of Health


The book, The Seven Pillars of Health, written by Donald Colbert and Mary Colbert, is an interesting, invigorating look at how you really can be healthy today. The book provides a good overview of the way that people can improve their health and live a longer life if they just know how to do it. The book has received numerous positive reviews and is a New York Times best seller.

What's It About?

The book gives you the facts and all of the straight talk you need to improve your life and to get healthy. It tells you, hands down, that the unhealthy lifestyle you are leading is your own fault and that you can and will be able to do something about it. The book notes that most diseases people are suffering from are caused by poor diets, lack of exercise, unhealthy habits and stress. To change this, the author states you need to understand your health, including in the areas of sleep, water, living food, exercise, stress management, supplements and detoxification.

Health Book Club - How About Natural Herbs?


There are many books and products that promise to heal. That is nothing new. However, there's a new book out that could help you to feel a bit better about yourself by offering simple and effective herbs and spices as healing tools. The book, Healing Herbs and Spices: Health Benefits of Popular Herbs and Spices Plus Over 70 Recipes to Use Them In provides a good look at the real uses for these cupboard bound foods.

What's the Book About?