November 2009

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

The beauty of David Grotto’s 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life is that it focuses on what foods to eat instead of what we shouldn’t be eating. Every time you go to the doctor, what does he or she tell you? “Lay off the sauce. Stop drinking so much soda. Avoid salt at all costs.” It’s nice to know what we should avoid—many of us know what to avoid in the first place—but shouldn’t we focus on what we need to eat instead?

When I asked my doctor about what I should be eating, she said, “Whole grains like oatmeal and rice, fruits and vegetables.” OK, that’s a great start, but a Midwestern girl raised on macaroni and hotdogs needs a little more direction than that! There are fruits that I haven’t even heard of out there—veggies, too. I’ll buy the apples-and-oranges mixed bag of fruit like anyone else, but that’s bound to get dull after a while.