Your health is nobody’s business

Your health is nobody’s business

Funny how everyone seems to think it is, though…

If I were to shame my relatives who smoke, or even those who drink heavily, I’d be snapped at. “It’s none of your business!” people say. The same goes for people who jump out of airplanes, eat Twinkies every day (without gaining weight), or partake in other potentially dangerous activities.

Yet for some reason, people look at fat people and claim they’re worried about their health when they comment on how they look. They seem to think that by looking at someone, they can tell if they have diabetes, glaucoma, poor blood pressure and a plethora of other issues when really, the only thing you can tell about someone who is fat is that—get this!—they’re fat. Doesn’t that lift a load off your shoulders, now that you know that you can’t tell a damn thing about a fat person other than that they are fat? You don’t have to worry about their health anymore, since you have no idea what said health is like.

Of course, your fat shaming, your unrequested dieting advice or warnings of poor health really have nothing to do with health, do they? It’s pure fun. You want to bully someone, and it makes you feel better about yourself to admonish fat people about their looks. You can’t do it to people based on race or disability anymore without being called out on it, and it’s getting more and more frowned upon to do it to gay people (though any and all of these groups of people still experience bullying and worse daily, to be sure)—but for some reason, society has decided that it’s perfectly okay to mock, jeer at, and even hate fat people “for their health.”

Let me ask you if anyone has ever mocked, jeered or hated you into, say, acing a test, or learning how to hit a ball. No? Then hell’s bells, why would you think it would work to help someone lose weight—particularly when over 90 percent of diets fail?

But there’s an even bigger issue that you should already be aware of, especially if you’ve ever signed a HIPAA form. Ahem, here it is:

Your health is nobody else’s business.

Anyone’s health, aside from your own (and anyone you are caregiver of), is none of YOUR business.

You can sigh a big sigh of relief, since you are now free to stop judging, making fun of, throwing objects at, and bullying fat people for their “health.” It’s not your health to worry about. You’re free!