I Can Make You Thin

I Can Make You Thin

Okay, from the get-go, this book is very suspicious. Any title that tells me it can make me do, say, or be anything is not only suspicious—it’s already got me on the defensive. “How dare you make such a claim to me! You don’t even know me, you—you bound pile of pages!”

But Paul McKenna (hailed as the Dr. Phil of the U.K.) seems to have something going on with his “Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People.” For one thing, the book comes with a subliminal CD to hypnotize your brain into the brain of a thin person (that or a cult member of McKenna’s; I haven’t listened to it just yet.). It also has a 70% success rate, according to the book’s jacket cover—which is pretty high for any diet, fitness, or other weight loss program, though it’s still a far cry from 100%.

I decided to give the program a try after hearing about it through well-being guru Bevin Lynch (whose Live the Life You Love program, by the way, is pretty much rocking my world these days, and I’m not even halfway through). I just received the book today from the library (I didn’t realize that, as a bestseller, it was a seven-day loaner, but it’s a small book at 153 very easy-to-read pages) and I’m already a quarter through it after just a few moments. McKenna himself claims the book will take about two hours to read entirely, so what could the big secret possibly be? (He also advises not to listen to the CD while operating machinery or driving a vehicle, so hopefully it’s not about to make me do crazy things in front of my living room picture window…)

Anyhow, the book is based on a series of very simple premises. When you diet, you fail—or get fatter. When you starve yourself, you get fatter. When you pretty much do anything to NOT get fatter, you get fatter. Check! So to stop this viscous cycle, McKenna suggests we rewire our brain back to the basics and only eat what we like when we are hungry—stopping when we are full—and consciously enjoy each mouthful.

That’s pretty much it.

I have to admit, I love this idea—but only because there’s zero deprivation involved. Later chapters of I Can Make You Thin are supposed to discuss exercise, of course, and the CD is also supposed to contain information about not eating mindlessly and resolving emotional needs in other ways, so maybe it will get more in depth as I go along. Either way, it’s worth a shot—and it’s a helluva lot less expensive than Jenny Craig.