Healthy Eating Around the Holidays Guidebooks

Healthy Eating Around the Holidays Guidebooks

Do you find yourself facing turkey-coma late in the day on Thanksgiving? Many people do. This is the social season, when people are spending more time at parties and special dinners. Even if you take away the actual holiday meals which are often pump full of calories, you will find you are eating out more and adding on the pounds. What can you do?

The fact is you can do quite a bit. One of the best things to do, in fact, is simply to cook healthier versions of all of your favorite holiday meals. That is what some authors are telling others, in fact.

For example, in the book Light & Healthy Holidays, a Six Week Devotional Study, you will learn how to eat healthier meals and has a religious undertone to it. You will learn about some great holiday helps and menus that are going to keep them satisfied without giving them too many calories.

Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Pounds

If you think that grabbing those small bite sized portions is going to save you, think again. Chances are good you will still be eating more than you should this holiday season. For those looking for a healthy book to help you to avoid these pounds, just turn to your favorite healthy recipe book for tips like these.

·         Avoid additional gravies, condiments and sauces. These extra calories are often the worst for you.

·         Portion yourself. Keep those dinner plates to no more than 8 inches in diameter.

·         Keep up on the exercise. Spend more time at the gym.

Check out other favorite holiday books for healthy meals and you will feel great this holiday season. You will not regret it in January either.