Health Book Club Review of the Week: Spontaneous Happiness

Health Book Club Review of the Week: Spontaneous Happiness

In our health book club review of the week, we feature the book Spontaneous Happiness, written by Andrew Weil. As the title suggestions, the book provides guidance and information for everyday people to live a happy life that does not really focus on material things. Rather, the author provides a guide on how to maintain optimum physical health and how in doing so, you'll be happy.

Health Book Information

Dr. Andrew Weil writes Spontaneous Happiness around a series of scientifically proven strategies. These come from various Eastern and Western psychology on how to improve your poor mood and to take steps to enhance your comfort, serenity and contentment. This is done by teaching you how to use mindfulness training, nutritional science and psychotherapy to create the ability to improve your current state. In short, it provides the steps you need to create your own happiness without having to rely on what is happening around you.

What People Are Saying

Those who know Dr. Weil's works will find this book to be very diverse and easy to follow. The research included is outstanding, which encourages you to truly see the value in the information. Some say the book is less about being happy yourself and more about beating depression and depression-like symptoms. Many of the chapters focus initially on depression and emotional well-being.

This book is for those who are struggling to be happy within their life and want a plan to overcome it. The descriptions and plan to get to happiness really does deliver on the elements you need to improve your overall health from an emotional standpoint.