Health Book Club Review: Easy Ways to Feel Better

Health Book Club Review: Easy Ways to Feel Better

We are often faced with countless books and how to plans of how to get better. The problem for many people is knowing where to start. What I find interesting in the book: "Health: The Reader's Digest Version: Easy Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer" is that it really can be easier to do than most people think. The book makes it easy for individuals to start adding health into their lives and that is what is important.

What's In It?

The book offers some good insight. It does make some bold promises like teaching you the best ways to live to be 100, lower your stress by 75 percent and to avoid hair loss. What makes this book a standout is that it actually makes getting and being healthy far easier to do than most people expect. You can pick up the book and start to use it. There is no long learning process or complex science included. That makes it easier for everyday people to get healthy the way they want to.

What's the Verdict

If you need a way to learn how to get healthy and you want it in the simplest possible way, author Joe Kita does a great job of making that happen in this book. It is not a book that lists a complex way to lose weight and it does not offer advice you could not find anywhere else. However, the beauty of it is that it condenses what you need to know into a simple to find solution. You'll read it, put it into practice and feel better for it.